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definevintagexx [userpic]

just a few animations

21st September 2009 (20:40)

current mood: calm

from harry potter and the half blood prince.
Screencaps credit go to the fantastic malen-aime-ioan at couldn'tfindname

definevintagexx [userpic]

23 The Dark Knight Icons - Like A Dog Chasing Cars

18th September 2008 (17:43)

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current mood: chipper
current song: Agent Of Chaos - Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard

As it was such an awesome film and the soundtrack is love, I made some The Dark Knight icons.

what doesn't kill you simple makes you strangerCollapse )

definevintagexx [userpic]

one drunken night in wales... - 15 elliot minor icons

8th September 2008 (20:53)

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current mood: giggly
current song: The Academy Is...- Automatic Eyes

These icons are made for Kelz, to cheer her up from the doctors.

let's start an altercationCollapse )

definevintagexx [userpic]

you lipstick marks still on my cup || 36 Elliot Minor icons + One Wallpaper

18th August 2008 (19:25)

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current mood: peaceful
current song: Go:Audio - Why

+32 more.

the greatest actor can't conceal the way they feel insideCollapse )

definevintagexx [userpic]

so don't come back and pretend to tell me \\ 16 Go:Audio Icons

21st July 2008 (19:15)

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current song: nothing

+12 more.

the night you had with your made up storiesCollapse )

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